Willingham Mediation & Arbitration LLC

Fees and Billing

Willingham Mediation & Arbitration – Fees and Billing

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is understood that all mediation and arbitration costs will be shared equally by the parties. The costs and fees are due when billed.

MEDIATION FEES:  Mediations are charged at $275.00 per hour. The total fee will be shared equally by the parties. Because an entire day is blocked for a scheduled mediation, unless otherwise agreed, a four (4) hour minimum will be charged.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent the mediator has agreed to fee arrangements under a court annexed program which are different from the foregoing, the mediation fees will conform to the arrangement, if any, required by the court annexed plan.

ARBITRATIONS: Arbitrations sometimes involve one or more hearings, taking of evidence, determination of applicable law and precedent, and fact-finding and rulings. Discovery issues may arise. Preparation of a reasoned, written decision and award may be necessary and appropriate. For these reasons, determination of a fee and expense rate for arbitrations should be determined by agreement in advance of the retention and will thereafter be binding on all parties as set forth in the agreement. It shall be the goal of the arbitrator to develop and apply a protocol for arbitrations which leads to efficiency and timely resolution of all issues at a reasonable cost, well below the cost of ordinary litigation.

FOR CLASS ACTIONS, MULTI-CLAIMANT/DEFENDANT, MULTI-STATE OR NATIONAL ACTIONS AND MASS TORT LITIGATION AND THE LIKE: Because of the many circumstances which may be associated with such numerous and complex claims, with many such collections of cases involving assertion of some similar and some significantly dissimilar claims in multiple jurisdictions, the fees and cost arrangements for mediation or for arbitration or advice and management of an ADR process suited to the matters should be discussed at the outset and an appropriate written agreement addressing the interests of all concerned shall be reached which will be binding according to the terms of the agreement.

EXPENSES: Travel time is billed at $75.00 per hour per party. In the event of the necessity of an overnight stay, reasonable hotel and meal charges will be split among the parties. Mileage and costs of flights will be charged at the then customary rate.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There is no charge for cancellations made up to seven (7) days before a scheduled mediation. There is a charge of $250 per party for cancellations received after such time.